Our Story

 Lavender Orange and Little Red Devil truffles. Chai Tea Raisin and Rasberry Poppy Seed toffees. Yield to


the sweet temptation of Robert Emery' s rich, creamy chocolates. A delicious feature of his award-

winning store, Unique So Chique Boutique and Tea & Chocolate Room, Robert Emery Chocolates are

sought after by chocolate lovers "in the know."  As part of a culinary family that thrives on creating new


recipes, Robert began his early career experimenting with unique combinations of flavors and textures.


Today, many accolades later, Robert and his team are continually exploring new toffee, truffle and



marshmallow creations to add to the list of more than 80 flavors. Each piece is hand-rolled and hand-

dipped and contains the finest ingredients-----exotic oils, natural fruits and natural preservative and a

European premium chocolate renowned for its high cocoa content and creamy taste.





Robert Emery Chocolates are a luscious indulgence and irresistible gift for yourself or someone special.